Business and Commercial Law


Weighbridge Lawyers provides innovative advice to businesses of all sizes


Whether you are starting your business and looking for legal advice, experiencing legal issues as an existing business or looking for a business lawyer to assist in commercial litigation, Weighbridge Lawyers can help you. We understand that no two business complexities are the same. We pride ourselves on developing practical legal solutions for complex, multifaceted situations. Our commercial team provides innovative advice to private and public companies, investors, institutions, sole traders and businesses of all sizes.


Weighbridge Lawyers take a client orientated and outcomes driven approach. We provide cost effective, timely legal solutions for your business’s hardship. We concentrate on building a close relationship with the client and their entire team, inclusive of other financial advisors to ensure a holistic, cohesive, business focused service.


Our Business and Commercial services include:


  • Commercial Litigation

Do you have the following concerns?


  • Has someone broken a business deal with you?
  • Has a person or firm stolen your property?
  • Is somebody making unfair demands on you?
  • Is your business’ survival being endangered through the actions of others?
  • Is someone infringing your personal or contractual rights?


Weighbridge Lawyers can assist you with commercial and contractual disputes, insolvency, bankruptcy and dispute resolution. We are an experienced team that work hard to ensure clients are well equipped to make informed decisions about how to conduct any negotiations. Where litigation is necessary, we represent our client’s situation rigorously and clearly to any Court to achieve the best possible result. Our main objective is ensuring client’s have a clear understanding of their matter so they can determine the options available to them and make a well-informed, cost effective commercial decision.


  • General business and commercial drafting

We can prepare or review all legal contracts including commercial contracts, the purchase or sale of the business, franchise agreements, supply agreements, service and trade agreements, partnership agreements and distribution agreements. We will ensure you are satisfied with the terms in the contract, meeting due diligence standards, and making sure that the contract terms are suitable for your business now and into the future.


  • Franchising

If you have been looking at purchasing into a franchise, we can assist by going through the franchise agreement and franchisor disclosure documents to ensure that you are aware of all matters you are agreeing to which could have significant effects on your business.


  • Intellectual property

We can advise you on any intellectual property, trade mark, licensing and copyright issues. We can also prepare non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality contracts and deeds, as well as assist in incorporating intellectual property rights into client contracts.


Additionally, Weighbridge Lawyers can assist you with all matters relating to:


  • Joint ventures and partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Personal Property and Securities Act (PPSA)
  • Taxation
  • Compliance
  • Capital raising



Weighbridge Lawyers can represent you and your commercial interests, to find out more about how we can help, call us on 02 9283 3065