Debt Recovery


We will help you to recover debt or dispute being the subject of debt recovery.


We understand how frustrating chasing debtors can be. We can assist you with problem debtors through negotiation, and if it’s needed, court proceedings. If you are owed debts as a result from a transaction with an individual or business, you may Time limits do apply to recovering monies owed to you and resolving commercial disputes so it’s important you act quickly and get in contact with us today.


Whether you are owed money, or you yourself are having difficulties with owing money to your creditors, we can help you put a plan in place to get your finances in order.


Are you owed money?

We will guide you through the debt recovery process and will represent you in all Court jurisdictions. We will advise you on the debt recovery legal process and will help you with:


  • Submitting the statement of claim
  • Issuing enforcement proceedings to recover debts
  • Issuing Creditors’ Statutory Demands for the Payment of Debts
  • Issuing bankruptcy notices and subsequent sequestration proceedings, warrants of execution, and garnishee orders
  • Preparing a response to a defence and striking out unmeritorious defences
  • How to prepare for Court proceedings and what to expect
  • How to enforce a judgment
  • Recovering arrears and advising on processes to minimise arrears;
  • Large scale commercial recoveries
  • Outstanding debt matters, from the initial letters of demand to handling bankruptcy actions against individuals
  • Negotiating commercial resolutions to debt disputes


Do you owe money?

We understand that in many small to medium sized businesses, cash flow can be a struggle. Sometimes there are circumstances where there is simply not enough money available to pay off all your bills as they fall due. We can help you implement a strategy to make sure you can manage your debts to avoid expensive and lengthy litigation.


In situations where the debt itself is being disputed, or the size of the debt, we can help by:


  • Responding to a letter of demand
  • Responding to a Creditor’s Statutory Demand for Payment of Debt, and
  • Defending you in court proceedings


We want to help you resolve your debt disputes quickly and with as little cost to you as possible. Call us on 02 9283 3065 today so you can get on with the running of your business.