Immigration Law


We are experts in Immigration Law

With over 20 years’ experience in the migration industry, we can assist clients in all aspects related to migrating to Australia including the best possible pathways and solutions for your immigration needs and visa issues. Weighbridge Lawyers works closely with our clients, building a collaborative relationship where we can best understand your unique circumstances and provide you with comprehensive advice in an easy to understand manner. We have Bahasa Indonesian and Farsi speakers onsite and will ensure your language needs are met.


Our services include advising, preparing and lodging all types of visa applications including:


  • Employment Sponsorship Visas (Permanent and Temporary)
  • Business Ownership and Investment Visas
  • Family and Partner Visas
  • Skilled and Student Visas
  • Visitor Visas
  • Resident Return Visas
  • Protection Visas
  • Extension of Visas


Has your visa been refused or cancelled?

We regularly help clients in stressful situations where their visa has been refused or cancelled.  We understand that in the event of a refusal or cancellation, the effects on you, your family and your business can be significant. If you have received a notice cancelling your visa, or your visa application has been refused, we highly recommend you contact us for our expert advice. We are thoroughly experienced in the detention and deportation process, so if you are at risk of removal from Australia, contact us today so we can help you appeal the decision.


We will clearly discuss with you your options and if appropriate prepare an application for review through one of the following avenues:


  • Ministerial Review
  • Merits Review
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Migration Review Tribunal and
  • Refugee Review Tribunal
  • Judicial Review (Federal Magistrates Court and High Court)


Health and Character problems

For the grant of a visa in Australia, strict health and character guidelines must be met.


To be granted a visa in Australia applicants must meet the health requirements. This area is complex and exists in order to ensure that healthcare for Australians is safeguarded against dangerous diseases and other threats to our health care system.  However, there are health waivers available to some visa subclasses so that visa applications may nonetheless be granted despite failing the health criteria. This is a complicated area and we advise you seek our professional assistance regarding a health waiver.


To be granted a visa in Australia, you must be of good character and if you fail this character test, your visa will be refused by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. If you are already in Australia, the consequences are serious and you may be detained and deported home.


If any of the following apply to you, you may not pass the character test and we strongly suggest you contact us to discuss your options:


  • You have a serious criminal record including a prison sentence of over 12 months, or a suspended sentence
  • You have been charged of an offence while in detention
  • You have been charged with escaping from immigration detention
  • You are associated with persons, groups or organisations that are involved in serious crimes such as people trafficking, smuggling, genocide, war crimes or crimes of international concern
  • You have been convicted of sexual offences involving children
  • There is a risk you could commit a serious crime whilst in Australia
  • You are subject to an adverse assessment by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
  • You have been deemed a risk to the Australian community through Interpol notice


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